Two men of the week

I’m in the middle of nowhere for now (job training in the middle of forest). I’m bored. I’m sick. However, there is something what makes me feel better. Two men: Josh Groban and Frank Sinatra. Why there are so special?

Joshua Winslow “Josh” Groban  is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer. His voice is wonderful! Some music critics have described Groban’s voice in different ways, with some referring to him as a tenor and others as a baritone (source: Wikipedia).

I’m not a music critic and, to be honest, I have to learnt a lot in this topic. One is obvious, Josh sings wonderfully. I love his “Caruso” version and All’improvviso Amore.

The second man is Frank Sinatra. Don’t say you don’t know him. Classic! His “My way” is so beautiful that I can hear it a thousand times!

The best songs of Frank Sinatra (in my humble opinion)

1. My way (Have you ever heard this song with Luciano Pavarotti? Suprising and interesting).

2. Something stupid.

3. Singing in the rain!

4. Love and marriage (a funny one!)

5.  Yesterday (yes, the Beatles could like it),

6. Killing me softly (really, just wow! What would the Fugees say?)

That last song was a big suprise for me. I would say Sinatra is famous for his old songs… If you have never heard it, I truly recommended that cover of the Fugees:

Evening with this two wonderful guys and you really feel better. 🙂


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