Impossible is possible

There are films which you saw once and forget about it. You remember it was quite good or bad but after all: who cares? But there are films which you can watch over and over again. One of that film is, for me, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Why?

My intention is not writing a long review in which I explain why you should watch Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

I want to write about 4 reason why I could watch it over and over again.

salmon fishing in the yemen1. Impossible possible. Yes, it’s only a film. Yes, it’s very like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is the example of positively thinking and shows it’s good to believe in something.

2. It’s never to late to find love. I’m single and I hate “sweet” romantic comedy. However, I truly like this love story. There is something beautiful and real in it but not to much “sugar”.

3. Good sheik. To be honest, when someone says word “sheik” my first association is: crude oil, gold, prostitution, camels and venereal diseases. Not good at all. To my suprise, in this world could exist (I hope!) good sheiks. A visionary sheik who is peaceful, good man – fascinating! Maybe I was too biased to notice that in the middle east could live good people.

4. Amr Waked. Talented actor (Really! Even as a al-Kaida terrorist he got my sympathy in the Syriana. This is scary!) I say one thing – Egypt has not only pyramids and Sphinx. It has Amr Waked as well.


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