Inspirational place – The Wrocław Philharmonic

I don’t remember a day, when I’ve realized I love classic music. Long time ago, I suppose. Then I came on a concert to the Wrocław Philharmonic and I felt it’s a place when I could spend all days. Since that day, I’m constant guest at philharmonic. Why I love this place so much?
1. Wonderful piece of music. I don’t need to say anything else. Simply perfect.

art director2. My favourite symphony orchestra. Great performances. Energy. Outstanding artists. Power of team work. I like this people – they make wonderful job every day.

3. My favourite conductor (and art director) – Benjamin Shwartz. I’m not a music specialist but I agree with that sentence: “Benjamin Shwartz was a sensation…. With his clear insight and perfection of technique, together with the highly motivated orchestra, he produced an air of excitement and cultivated sound“.  Talented, modest and… handsome.

maestro visse4. Wonderful concert of Wrocław Baroque Orchestra with Dominique Visse as a countertenor. Energy, power and joy! Music could be fun. Mister Visse can sings, composes and makes people laugh. He had enchanted the audience with beautiful and funny cantatas. Hope he came back soon to The Wrocław Philharmonic for concert!

5. You’ve never be bored again. You can always go to The Wrocław Philharmonic in the evening.

source of photos: Wrocław Philharmonic, photos by Bogusław Beszłej 


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