Opera magic – it really works!

It was a time when I didn’t like opera so much. Opera singing was, in my humble opinion, really irritating, especially woman’s voices. However, one day I watched part of opera in TV and I thought: “It’s quite good”. I was suprise and curious. A few months later, I won two tickets to “opera on big screen” at cinema. I enjoy it.

Opera WrocławskaAfter that I decided to go to the “real” opera. Opera Wrocławska is a beautiful and inspirational place when every performance is perfection. Seriously. Set scene, costumes, music, songs and dialogues – just everything is great (that’s the reason why tickets are so expensive).

Three the best of opera :

1. My favourite aria (woman’s performance) is: Queen of the Night famous aria from The Magic Flute. If I can sing like that!

2. My favourite aria (man’s performance) is: Libiamo ne lieti calici from The Traviata. I especially like Luciano’s Pavarotti performance.

3. May favourite operetta is: Zemsta Nietoperza (german; Die Fledermaus). More than two hours of fun and cool music. I recommend that operetta everyone – even people who aren’t fans of opera could like it.

Source of photo: Opera Wrocławska


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